Frequently Asked Questions

Westbridge Iloilo City FAQ

What is Westbridge’s Uniqueness?

It is the only exclusive boys’ school in Iloilo, with the exception of the seminary, that offers a unique and personalized character formation program.

What are the programs offered by Westbridge?

It takes pride in its programs of Academic Excellence and Character Formation, its Tutorial System, Personalized Educational System (small class sizes), Vigorous Sports Development, Outdoor-Oriented Student Activities and Parent Collaboration.

What is Parent Collaboration?

As part of the learning process, parents are asked to be involved in formation activities such as the tutorial chats, School for Parents Seminars and the Father-and-Son Camping.

What is a tutorial chat?

This is one of PAREF’s unique methods of monitoring and guiding a child’s personal growth. Each child is assigned a tutor (another teacher or staff) who works closely with the teachers and parents by having regular discussions on the child’s development.Growing boys have important personal, intimate issues such as matters of conscience or relationships with the opposite sex, and oftentimes wish to discuss these with non-family members. This is best done with someone of the same sex, particularly in a tutorial relationship, and experience has shown that close cooperation between tutors and parents virtually guarantees a child’s successful overall character formation. This strength of character is considered especially important when the child enters college and becomes an adult and parent himself.

Is Westbridge a Catholic school?

The term “Catholic School” is applied to schools officially and legally under the direction of a bishop or a religious order. Westbridge’s founding parents are composed of ordinary Catholics who wanted their children to grow up in the same faith without discriminating the other religions. Westbridge is one of the PAREF schools in the Philippines.

What are the PAREF schools?

Westbridge is under the jurisdiction of the Parents for Education Foundation, Inc. (PAREF), an NGO composed of ordinary citizens with no official functions in the Church. Its philosophy of education is that parents are the children’s primary educators and the school is a collaborator in this development. The other PAREF schools, among others, are: Southridge and Woodrose in Alabang, Northfield in Quezon City and Springdale and Southcrest Schools in Cebu.

How is Opus Dei related to Westbridge?

PAREF’S founding parents (trustees) were inspired by the teachings of Saint Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei. The school has a Chaplain who comes from the Prelature of Opus Dei and who provides spiritual formation and the sacraments. Opus Dei is not involved with the school’s Academic and Financial operations.

Does Westbridge still have a bond?

During the early years of the school, a bond was charged for the capital expenditures of the school. However, since the school has already grown, the bond was no longer collected starting SY 2004-2005.

What is the Scholarship Program?

Since School Year 2003-2004, the school has been offering Scholarship for qualified applicants for 1st Year High School.

Who can apply for a Scholarship?

Any male incoming First Year high school student from any reputable public school in Panay Island who obtained a general weighted average of at least 85% with no grade below 80% based on the Form 138 (Report Card) of the first two quarters of the school year. Applicants must also fill-in a Scholarship Application Form and submit to the school together with the admission requirements listed below. The Scholarship qualifying exam will be announced at least two (2) weeks before the scheduled date. All registered applicants will be informed accordingly.

What are the requirements for admission?

All student applicants are to fill up the Student and Parents’ Information Sheet. Interviews with the student and the parents are required. The following should be submitted in a long folder:

  • Church Marriage Certificate
  • Birth Certificate of the student
  • Baptismal Certificate of the student
  • Report Card (Form 138) duly signed by the Principal
  • Sealed Certificate of Good Moral Character duly signed by the Principal
  • Two 2X2 pictures

Westbridge is exclusive to boys. Won’t this inhibit their social development?

PAREF believes that mixing boys and girls together is good only at the pre-school and university levels. Physically, emotionally, intellectually, and psychologically, boys and girls develop at different paces: 15 year-old boys and girls have different degrees of maturity and differ greatly in their motivations, and this must be dealt with accordingly.

Recent studies affirm the effectiveness of same-sex education.

Another advantage of an all-male staff could be that they, albeit to a limited extent, fill in some gaps that sometimes appear in a typical Filipino family, where the father has limited presence and influence. Boys need good male role models such as their father, an older brother or a teacher, not entertainment or sports figures.

For more information about your son’s education, please call Westbridge at 320-7442 and a member of the Management Staff will be glad to answer your questions.